What we do

Preparing girls for success

It is not enough to celebrate “girl power” without also providing examples of strength. We can’t tell girls they can change the world without equipping them to take on the task. If we encourage young girls to dream big, we must provide direction and skills to help them make those dreams a reality. Girls are being told over and over they can make a difference in their world. But they’re also confronted with realities in their families, communities and countries challenging that ideal. If girls are going to succeed in their life and career goals, they must be provided with guidance, training and resources.

Our Solution

Solution one

Opportunity Through Education

Education is the tool to achieving women’s social and economic empowerment. We believe that girls will be able to change their own lives and those of their families at large. We support girls’ education through activities like provision of scholastic materials, career guidance, mentorship, provision of sanitary towels and seed funds, equipment and starter kits to excelling vocational graduates.

Solution two

Life Skills For Girls

At girls must we define life skills as knowledge, attitudes and the ability for adaptive and positive behavior that enable girls to deal effectively with the challenges of everyday life. These are the basic skills to help girls and young women make good decisions as they become adults and plan for their futures. In our sessions, we discuss issues such as inner strength, good choices, health, self-confidence, goal-setting and time management.

Solution Three

Economic Empowerment

Investing in women’s economic empowerment sets a direct path towards gender equality, poverty eradication and inclusive economic growth. Girls Must Uganda is working to empower poor young women and teen mothers to build better livelihoods, earn more income and create small businesses that provide jobs.